Ryan Apparel Merch owner, Ryan Appell

Ryan Apparel is a family operation that has over 25 years of experience in the print/production/design world. Ryan started this dream in Columbus, OH, and is currently operating in Nashville, TN.

What continues to be ever-evolving, the Ryan Apparel brand is currently focussing on the efforts of boosting the musicians and artists who are just beginning the journey of building their brand and identity in the merch world.

Our owner Ryan is a hybrid Graphic Designer/T-Shirt Printer/Merch Guru. There are a lot of graphic designers, and there are a lot of t-shirt printers in the world. Ryan does both, and that’s where he stands out.

He designs based on his knowledge of print production and prints with design in mind. This allows Ryan to stand out in the merch field, as no one with his experience, is going about merch this way in Nashville.

We believe that every artist deserves a chance to sell merch no matter the size of their stage.

Artists & brands, you may recognize, that Ryan has created for over the years:

Andrew Jannakos, Channing Wilson, Chase Rice, CJ Solar, Columbus Crew SC, Craig Campbell, Daisy May Hat Co, David Nail, Drew Parker, FC Cincinnati, HISH, Jake Hoot, Luke Combs, Mishka, Nate Smith, Ohio State University, Project 615, Raised Rowdy, Ryan Hurd, Scott Hamilton Skating Club, The Cadillac Three, Travis Austin, Whiskey Jam 

A lot of people have helped get us to where we are now, so we feel the need to help out others as well. In the words of Lori McKenna and Tim McGraw, "Help the next one in line, always stay humble and kind".